Monday, 25 November 2019

Update on newspapers in the village

Dear Blogger

Message from David Shearan.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey. There were 33 responses and the vast majority reckoned they would be able to stop driving to Baschurch if we could get newspaper sales back in the village again.  Personally I think that is enough to do something about it. That means finding a site in the village for the newspapers to be sold from, working out how to buy the papers in bulk, and finding someone (or several someones) who will manage the process and sell the papers. I have already been in touch with the wholesalers who supply the Spar in Baschurch. I am waiting to hear from them that we can buy the papers in bulk at a discount.  If anyone has any suggestions please do reply.    You can still complete the survey if you didnÆt before. You can use the link below to do it online or fill out a paper copy in CafÚ Eleven.