Wednesday 21 February 2024

West Felton Newsletter - March 2024

Dear Blogger

It is time you all got some really information from me -

 Colleen Hughes` West Felton Newsletter.  Keep this handy as it has so much useful information.

Plant sale 20th April

Dear Blogger,

Shropshire Hardy Plant Society

PLANT SALE at Bayston Hill Village Hall - 20th April 2024

See attached flyers for details

Conclusion to the Brownhill roadworks - I hope!

Dear Blogger,

Goodness, it has been a saga hasn`t it!

I was surprised that nothing had appeared on FB but it seems `old fashioned` email and a pair of eyes did the job of passing on information.  

I have not blamed the PC for lack of information but I certainly will if we are not told how they follow up the mess.

Someone likened the saga to a strip cartoon and it made me think, I reckon RATS could write a piece for their next pantomime, the usual useless twits, in yellow jackets running round the stage moving road cones.  I look forward to it.

I see there is a leak by the entrance to the Manor, AGAIN.  So look out for more roadworks there.

Many many thanks to everyone for your responses.

Cheers, Yoland

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Brownhill Roadworks - reply from Trevor Allison

Dear Blogger

Response from Trevor Allison to my email about the Brownhill Road fiasco.

Dear Yoland,

            Please don't attribute any fault or blame to the Parish Council; we were NOT informed of anything to do with the problem and the only thing we could see was the incorrect information on Elgin, the Shropshire road-works map. I am hoping that we can agree at the next Parish Council meeting to send a STRONG letter of complaint to Severn-Trent and/or Shropshire Council, bemoaning the total lack of information!!

    Kindest regards


Road works - Abysmal communications

Dear Blogger - to everyone who responded with feedback about the Brownhill road closure/not closed/closed.

It really was the most abysmal example of lack of communication from all directions, starting with the chap who arrived with the cones who said he did not know anything, it was just his job to bring the cones!

Then the chaps who put the cones out and looked ready to work on the water leak.

Then someone, a boss? arrived and started collecting cones as permission had not been given to close the road.  They all went away.

Eventually, little men in yellow jackets arrived at 4pm (I have lost count of which day) and put out barriers, not traffic lights.  They told me they were going to close the road and work overnight - "but I have B&B arring at 9pm" I wailed.  Oh that is OK, if they come from the A5 that would not be a problem.


My B&B obeyed the rules when he saw the road from Shotatton was completely closed with barriers, so his sat nav took him back to come through Little Ness.  Then he was blocked by a barrier right across the Brownhill, and phoned me.

I ran down to the little yellow men who said, yes, just move the barriers, no problem.  So I ran up the road and moved the cones and heavy metal sign so my B&B could get through to Brownhill House - wish I had left them across the road instead of putting the signs back.

The last straw was to have a card put through the door asking for feedback to Severn Trent - with no telephone number or email address!!

It seems no-one except the houses directly affected by the leak and the roadworks were told anything by Shropshire Council, Severn Trent, the Parish Council or even facebook.

The only person who could tell people what was happening was me, and my  Mailing List because I could see the little yellow men and make the effort to talk to them so I could report back to you.

Thank you all for your help and appreciation.


Flyers for Jewellery, gutters & trees

Dear Blogger

Yesterday I had three leaflets put through our door, one of which was for a company who will be in the village hall tomorrow, 21st February from 10.30 to 2pm to buy your family heirlooms.

I always think this is so sad that these items are often melted down and the historic craft work is lost for ever.  I am so glad I chose my precious little engagement ring from a antique shop, for the princely sum of £11 in 1964, rather than the trendy offering with red, blue, white or green stones from a high street jeweller, for £25!

The other leaflets were for gutter cleaning.  We have just had ours done by GutterPro.  Super efficient, a chap looks at the gutters with a camera, hoovers them clean and shows us the new photographs.  £149, for a lot of gutters at Brownhill House and no price rise in two years.  With 12 forest trees in this garden, there are a lot of leaves in our gutters!

The other leaflet was for tree services.  We had a huge branch of the willow come down after storm Babet, now nearly cleared up and burnt except for the big bit in the river which the Environment Agency will come and take away in their own time, as it is not endangering life or property. 

For other tree surgery jobs we have used Andy Gittins of Abbey Tree 07748 732 500.

Thursday 15 February 2024

WI Curry Night tickets sold out

Dear Blogger

Message from Jane Leadbeater, Ruyton WI.


Saturday 17th February at 7.30pm in the Victoria Rooms.

All the tickets for this event have now been sold.

If you haven't already paid for your ticket please bring cash on the night and pay at the door.

Please arrive at 7.30pm to enable us to get everything set up beforehand.

Drinking water will be provided but if you want something stronger remember to bring your own drinks!

Shrewsbury Colour Run for local cancer services

Dear Blogger

Message forwarded by Colleen in West Felton

From: Emilie Kerr <>
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2024 9:47 AM
Subject: Shrewsbury Colour Run

 Good morning,

 Our annual Shrewsbury Colour Run is set to return this May for its fourth year. To date, the event has raised £85,000 for local cancer services and our aim is to surpass £100,000 this year. The event, a 5km fun run, is being held a Sansaw Estate, Hadnall on Saturday, 4th May. Participants can run or walk the course and will be covered in powder paint along the way.

I have attached a JPEG and PDF version of the flyer, including a black and white version too. Could you please include this in the next edition of your newsletter?

Kind regards


Emilie Kerr
Events Marketing Coordinator

Tel: 01743 492396


The Fundraising Office, Hamar Centre
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury SY3 8XQ

Lingen Davies Cancer Fund - Registered Charity No. 1160922






Help us support local cancer services for our community - become a Friend of Lingen Davies today!


Weston Lullingfields every popular QUIZ NIGHT

Dear Blogger

Message from Nicky Hey, Weston Lullingfields

The ever popular


If you are a Quiz Fan, why not challenge Weston Lullingfields and bring the trophy to Ruyton XI Towns

Coffee morning at the Victoria Rooms

Dear Blogger

Message from Margaret Lycett.

Church Coffee Morning in the Victoria Room, 24th February - see attached poster

Wednesday 14 February 2024

A great opportunity PGL Boreatton Park OPEN DAY

Dear Blogger

Mesage from Ali Duffy @ PGL Boreatton Park

Now here is a rare opportunity, to see what goes on over the hill at Boreatton Park

`Spend the day seeing what we have to offer, try your hand at some PGL activities and talk to the team who work here`

Also, find out about job opportunities

Valentine`s Day Rustic Blook flowers SOLD OUT

Dear Blogger,

Valentine`s Day was hardly started when Rustic Bloom outside Cafe Eleven, sold out of their lovely flowers at 11.30 this morning .

You have to be on the ball to get ahead of Ruyton XI Towns lovers!

Severn Trent road closure

Dear Blogger,


THE ROAD THROUGH THE BROWNHILL IS OPEN and the buses are running

Last night I had to walk up the road to move cones and road closed sign myself, to allow my B&B guest to get through.  I hope he was able to escape from Ruyton XI Towns at 6.30 this morning as the signs were timed to be moved at 7pm

Severn Trent have kindly put a card through our door asking for feed back!!

Did anyone get any advance information about the work and timing from

Severn Trent?

The Parish Council?


It would be interesting to know.

Lets hope it is all over,


Tuesday 13 February 2024

Toys for sale

Dear Blogger

Message from Anita Weeks

FOR SALE – all in excellent condition

 Fisher Price circus train with animals and 2 people.  £10

 Fisher Price bus, train, 4 small cars and 6 people. £10

 Anita Weeks

01939 261293