Sunday 4 February 2024

Oswestry Film Society - New & Classic film nights

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Cinema update, plus...

Political sting film

Great news: the steering group looking at taking on Oswestry's Kinokulture cinema (and the OFS's host venue) reports that it sees the business as a viable proposition going forward, and is pursuing ways to take it past the end of March when the current proprietors retire.
It will become a community benefit society. What does that mean? Here is the link to Cooperatives UK, the member organisation for C B Societies.
More news to follow.

Oswestry Film Society - upcoming films:

Screenings on the first & third Tuesdays of the month (7.30pm).

This coming Tuesday, Feb 6: AMERICAN HUSTLE (15) - a political intrigue black comedy based on a true story of a sting to bring down corrupt politicians.
Tues Feb 20: HOPE AND GLORY (15) - a lovely British film seen through the eyes of a young boy growing up through the Blitz.
Tues Mar 5: FAIL SAFE (PG) - tense thriller about America and Russia on the brink of potential nuclear war. This is the lesser-known but better 1964 original with Henry Fonda brilliant as the US president (rather than the 2000 remake).
Tues Mar 19: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (12A) - one of the great Coen brothers' very best comedy classics with George Clooney.
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