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Booka Bookshop February newsletter

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February 2024
Welcome to our February Newsletter!

Read on to find out about our upcoming events, Books of the Month and Blogs.

An Evening with Leo Vardiashvili 

Leo Vardiashvili joins us to talk about his debut novel Hard by a Great Forest, a page-turning tale of family, sacrifice and our never-ceasing battle with the past.

An Evening with Bryony Gordon

Author, journalist and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon talks about her new book Mad Woman.

Marie Tierney – Deadly Animals Book Launch

Calling all Crime Fiction fans! Join us for the launch of Marie Tierney's new book Deadly Animals, a gripping debut crime novel everyone is talking about! 

An Afternoon with Caroline Quentin

Join us for an afternoon with actress, broadcaster and TV presenter Caroline Quentin as she takes us on a horticultural journey through life with her new book Drawn to the Garden. 

An Evening with Dr Charan Ranganath

Join us for an evening with pioneering neuroscientist and internationally-renowned memory researcher, Dr Charan Ranganath as he talks about his groundbreaking new book

An Evening with The Liverbirds

Join us for an evening with Mary McGlory and Sylvia Saunders – two members of pioneering all-female rock n' roll band The Liverbirds – as they recount the heady days of being one of the world's first all female rock'n'roll bands.

An Evening with Fiona Williams – The House of Broken Bricks

Fiona Williams talks about her stunning debut novel The House of Broken Bricks, a powerful tale of family, loss and life in the countryside. 

An Evening with Christie Watson – Moral Injuries

Bestselling author Christie Watson joins us to talk about her new novel Moral Injuries, a a page-turning thriller centred around three female medics bound by friendship, fierce ambition and one fatal night they've sworn to forget!

Talking Crime – Erin Kelly 'in conversation' with C.L. Taylor

Join us for an evening with bestselling authors Erin Kelly and C.L. Taylor as they come together to talk about the art of successful crime writing and their brand new novels The House of Mirrors and Every Move You Make. 


Fiction Book of the Month: Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge by Lizzie Pook

Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge is a breathless romp, a tale of adventure, hidden identity, sisters, secrets and revenge.

Non Fiction Book of the Month: Let's plant & grow together by Ben Raskin
Community gardening is a growing movement that is taking root in towns and cities all over the world. Groups of likeminded people are transforming neglected plots of land into green, flourishing spaces for everyone to enjoy. Start and nurture your own thriving community garden with this seasoned guide to cultivating your local outdoor space.

Booka Bridgnorth February Staff Pick

A heart-wrenching family saga and a tell-all memoir.

Fiction: The House of Broken Bricks by Fiona Williams

After an unexpected death in the family, Tess' family struggles to move on and embrace the daily rhythms of everyday life. But in the midst of grief, hope remains. An achingly well penned book. It's storytelling at its finest and written with overlapping perspectives, and an amazing debut by a talented author!

Non-Fiction: Strong Female Character by Fern Brady

Fern shares her story in this candid memoir, recounting her life after being told she wasn't autistic, only to be diagnosed with autism 20 years later. It's also a great exploration of gender and how it influenced Fern's diagnosis. An insightful non-fiction read!

WHAT by John Cooper Clake

WHAT is the new uproarius poetry from one of Britain's most beloved writers and performers, John Cooper Clarke . Following on from The Luckiest Guy Alive and his sprawling, encyclopaediac memoir I Wanna Be Yours,

WHAT is an exceptional collection from one of our foremost satirists. We have signed copies available to order now.

Order Here

Guest Blog: Vanessa Chan

Books (and the rooms that contained them) were my first babysitters. As soon as I could read, my parents would drop me off at bookshops and libraries, or at neighbourhood homes that rented out rooms full of books.

Bookseller Books of the Year

Looking for inspiration for your next read? Our Booksellers have chosen their top reads from 2023, read on to find out more. 

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