Saturday 6 July 2024

Yamaha baby grand piano

Dear Blogger

Message from Lisa Michaud who is offering her late husband`s Yamaha Piano for free.

I do not know Lisa Michaud, she is not on the mailing list so I don`t know where she lives or anything about her.

She has written:-
 "It was last tuned sometime last year before he passed. She's about 3 years old and in an impeccable condition. I'm relocating to France next two weeks.

The Piano is currently in storage in Preston, UK with the movers I employed to move my properties from my house. I can forward you the movers' contact details to enable you to contact them. The movers can deliver anywhere. However, I will not be responsible for the cost of delivering the piano to you. However, the movers' rates are reasonably affordable".

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano CG1 model, dimentions 161cm by 149cm