Tuesday 14 November 2023

Kate Gittins, Shrewsbury Market Hall, Lifetime Achievement Award

Dear Blogger

As a great supporter and user of the wonderful Shrewsbury Market Hall, I was delighted to read in the Shropshire Star that

KATE GITTINS, the market Manager for 17 years, has been awarded a NABNA (The Voice of Markets)                                       A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

I remember, when I went to Shrewsbury on a regular basis, I rarely ventured down Pride Hill to the Market, it wasn`t worth it.  But , under Kate`s guidance, Shrewsbury Market Hall has changed out of all recognition and it is a thriving shopping center and place to enjoy exciting and ethnic food as well as eat and buy the best British food to take home.

There are also the more unusual stalls where you can buy items for the kitchen, carpets, wine, great second hand books, and a host of craft stalls to browse.

As I tell my B&B Guests, Shrewsbury Market Hall is a whole town under one roof.  

Many congratulations to Kate and her multi award winning Market