Tuesday 7 November 2023

Oswestry Film Society November news

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Update for the start of November

Film and Kinokulture

First, just a reminder that it's film night with the Oswestry Film Society tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 7, 7.30pm).
HUGO is a charming film with a good story, great cinematics, a notable cast, and that magic of entertainment on two levels - for adults and younger people to enjoy equally. You'll leave the cinema with a warm feel-good factor.
More details on the Oswestry Film Society website as always. 
Tickets available in advance or on the door.


Our update last week on Kinokulture's possible future has got you going. Good, we all want to retain a cinema in Oswestry post the owners Ruth Carter and Ian Garland's retirement next year.

Following our update, a number of you have been in touch with Ruth and Ian with offers of help. Great, but please - while keeping your enthusiasm burning - hold off until the OFS or they can update you on the actual formation of a core support group that'll hopefully lead the charge to take Kinokulture on, as it's the group that'll need your backing.

Moves to make Kinokulture a sort of community scheme (not a "charity" as we might have mentioned) are being pursued. 

As we said in the last newsletter, there is still a lot to be done and the future is far from certain. But there ARE things going on behind the scenes.

OFS tickets

Coming Up at OFS

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared...

An absurd but equally as clever film based on the 2009 Swedish book of the same name with subtle and not-so-subtle humour, this is the Scandanavians doing Forrest Gump!

Not only is the hero adept at blowing up his enemies, it turns out he's met and influenced many big names in history in his long and eventful life.

Showing at the OFS on Tuesday November 21.



The Kinokulture cinema in Oswestry is the lovely local venue which hosts the Oswestry Film Society showings and events, but as we know it is in a period of transition.

We are right behind moves to keep the cinema going, but we would press you to support them now by going to see the films they put on through each and every week.

We very much want to see cinema continuing in the centre of Oswestry, a comfy venue with a realistically-priced cafe and bar where we can all enjoy the real big-screen experience.