Tuesday 21 November 2023

Oswestry Repair Cafe Terracycling - read on

Dear Blogger

This email is forwarded by Ingrid Knowles of Oswestry.net -

Please note the 23 July Terracycle table of what`s acceptable appears to be a link to an html document. 

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From: Oswestry and Borders Repair Cafe <osbordersrepaircafe@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 at 14:44
Subject: Oswestry & Borders Repair Cafe Sat December 9th 12-3pm Oswestry Memorial Hall
To: Oswestry and Borders Repair Cafe <osbordersrepaircafe@gmail.com>

Hello Everyone,

Oswestry & Borders Repair Cafe will be back in Oswestry Memorial Hall on Saturday December 9th 12 - 3pm

Please help us by booking your item in beforehand, so we know which fixperts to invite and what tools they need to bring.
Please note items booked in by December 3rd will be given priority.

In an effort to encourage more recycling, we have Elizabeth from Terracycle Telford coming to our January 13th Repair Cafe in the Memorial Hall. She can accept sorted recycling (see attached posters), so if you have any of these items lying around at home, or want to start collecting them, you can bring them in next year.

Best wishes