Sunday, 18 July 2021

Dear Blogger

You will remember that a group of us came together on Christmas morning, bringing a drink and good cheer to carry us through the pandemic, see attached picture, and  I said at the time that we would repeat the gathering at the end of the virus crisis.

However, although the Boris and the press might be trumpeting Freedom Day tomorrow, many of us will be far from convinced.

After months of not knowing anyone suffering from the virus, since children have returned to school it has been introduced into the village showing the many ways it can affect and debilitate whole families.

I do not consider we are through with Covid 19 or that tomorrow is freedom day, I will be keeping my distance and wearing my mask for a long time yet.

So, I am sorry to say, there will be no gathering on the longest seat in the country on the Brownhill - perhaps there never will be.

Keep safe, we still have the normal winter flu to deal with.