Saturday, 3 July 2021

Excavations on Nesscliffe Hill from 16th July

Dear Blogger

Message from Trevor Allison.

  Just to give you notice of something that should go out to locals when I have some indication of the actual timing, but it could be very soon.

There will be another archaeological excavation on Nesscliffe Hill for a planned 4 weeks, sometime during the summer/autumn. When it is taking place the footpath access from the east towards Oliver's Point will be closed with a legal Temporary Closure Order, to keep walkers out of the excavation area. An alternative route from the western side will be available, by going round the east and south sides of the 'Camp', to the 'Tea Tents' area and up the western approach, but it will be a dead-end, walkers will have to return the way they came. I have already consulted Shaun Burkey, the Site Manager, and he says that the 'diversion' will be properly indicated.

I hope that all this is clear enough, I am sure there will be something in the Shropshire Star, or on the Shropshire Council web-site, but the actual Closure Order should start on the 16th July and will run until all works on the site have finished and any restoration work necessary carried out.