Monday, 8 August 2022

Nesscliffe Hillfort Excavations OPEN DAY

Message forwarded by David Shearan, Ruyton Parish Council.

This message is from the excavations team


I am an archaeologist from the University of Oxford currently involved in the excavations at Nesscliffe hillfort and I thought the Nesscliffe community would be interested in the open day on Sunday 14th August .

Visitors will see the stone entranceway to the hillfort fully exposed by the excavations, including a pair of exceptionally well preserved guard chambers, all dating to 500BC. Nearby, a deep ditch cut into solid rock can be seen and also indications of a wooden gateway structure. Elsewhere on the site traces of a possible Iron Age roundhouse are being explored, first seen by geophysical survey of the hillfort interior.

Guided tours will start on the path leading up to Oliver's Point and will be signposted from both Pines and Oaks carparks. Due to the hilly nature of the site and the proximity of open excavations tour participants will need to be steady underfoot and wearing suitable footwear. Alternatively, a small open-air exhibition will be available at the starting point, with archaeologists on hand to explain the site and answer questions.

I do hope some local residents are able to come. If so, perhaps they could make themselves known to the team. We are hoping to develop a lottery bid to broaden the involvement of the local community in this special project on their doorstep and it would be very interesting to hear views on the best ways to do so.

Thanks and best wishes,

Sally Taylor

Department for Continuing Education
University of Oxford
Rewley House
Wellington Square

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