Thursday 15 June 2023

Jessie Hanson, historian of Ruyton XI Towns & Baschurch

Dear Blogger,

R.I.P. Jessie Hanson - to anyone interested in the history of Ruyton XI Towns or Baschurch, Jessie was a mine of information and helped us all with her wonderful memory and research.  Please read the attached obituary by Jessie`s daughter.

Message from Zia Robbins, Milford

Leanne Seward has asked me to let you know the sad news of the death of her mother Jessie  Hanson, who had this April reached the great age of 98. Jessie died peacefully in her sleep on 1st June, and her funeral is to be held at Shrewsbury Crematorium at 3.30pm on Wednesday 21st June 2023. 

I have informed the Ruyton XI Towns Local History Society of her death, and I have now also, today, spoken to a number of people who knew her, including Margaret Lycett, at the Ruyton History Group's coffee morning. They were very sad to hear the news.

I am attaching an obituary for Jessie, which Leanne has sent to me. She is happy for all or parts to be used as appropriate.  I have now also included the funeral details at the end.

Kind Regards,