Monday, 21 October 2013

How the Mailing List can help


11.22am, yesterday, Sunday 20th October
                    Eric sent me an email saying he had found a wallet on the Brownhill, could I                         please circulate the Mailing List.

12.12  I send an email round the Mailing saying a wallet had been found with the name
                    Nathan Russel Wood.

12.34  I received an email from Les Foster, the Vicar, saying he knew Nathan and                             would go to his house to tell him his wallet had been found.

I received a phone call from a very grateful Nathan`s father and was able to give him Eric`s                     phone number.

13.15  I received an email from Eric to say he had spoken to Nathan who would be calling                         round to pick up the wallet.

Nathan`s Dad, Darren, was so impressed that he will be joining the mailing list as soon as his computer is repaired.

I think that is pretty impressive, I hope you do too.  Please tell your friends & neighbours this story and get them to email and I will put them on the Mailing list

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