Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Feltonians - new members always welcome

Message from Colleen Hughes


at the Methodist Hall, West Felton opposite the playing field.

SINCE ITS INCEPTION ON 3rd MARCH 1976, the club has met on Tuesdays at 2pm,

that’s 37 years of friendship, fun, tea and biscuits!

 The Methodist chapel hall is a warm and cosy place; some members like Whist, some like Scrabble, Draughts or Chess, some like craft work, all like a chat.

 Summer outings and occasional meals are organised - the members make all their own decisions and do whatever they fancy. Friendships are made and the Tuesday club date is looked forward to as a regular feature of each week.


 Why not come along with a friend? Bring your knitting, or books/magazines to discuss and swap or … whatever else you would like to do for a couple of hours every week whilst making friends with your neighbours. Who knows - you might have them all up dancing after a few weeks!

 The opportunity is there for you to join and make the club whatever you want it to be

and, it is hoped, carry it on for another thirty years.

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