Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Invitation from Oswestry Chamber of Commerce

Message from Alberto Porras.

Invitation from the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce to members of Oswestry and Borderlands Tourism.

Oswestry Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization promoting business in Oswestry and the surrounding district, having a clear and respected voice with such bodies as Shropshire Council, Oswestry Town Council and the Oswestry Town Joint Economic Board. It is a member lead organisation and the key to having it address the concerns and promote the interests of any particular business sector, such as Tourism and Leisure, is for businesses working in those sectors to join the Chamber and help shape its policies, activities and priorities. The Chamber is also an ideal place to network with other businesses, learn from their experiences and to keep your finger on the pulse of a host of issues and opportunities which might impact upon your business.

The Chamber invites any businesses working in tourism and leisure to attend the next Chamber meeting as a guest to observe, hopefully to participate and to find out about how joining the Chamber could help promote the interests of your business.  

The next Chamber meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th November at 7pm at the Winnstay Hotel in Oswestry. If you would like to attend as a guest please contact me, Alberto Porras, at alberto@woolstonhouse.com in order to arrange your visit.

 In addition, if you wish, you could drop into the Winnstay Hotel on October 9th between 4pm and 8pm where the Chamber will be holding an open event – The Oswestry Connection – to discuss the Chamber’s activities with some of its members.


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