Wednesday, 18 September 2019

A Moment in time - A Ruyton History Project 1911 - 2020

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People today areTomorrow`s History

Many people in the village will have seen the flyer given out at the Home Grown Show about a plan to compare the work people in the village did in 1911 with the work people do today - it is a different world!

Please see attached POSTER which Irena and I ask you to stick up on a door, gate, wall, fence or even a noticeboard near you.

Several changes have been made to the proposal and we really look forward to having your feedback and questions before we can go ahead with the project.   PLEASE  CONTACT ME OR IRENA.

The 1911 census, available on line, lists members in the household, their age and occupations.  Our proposal is to do something similar for 2020.

The difference will be that we would only show people`s occupations and approximate location, although it would also be good to have pictures of people and their work but that, and their names and age, would optional.  The list would also include retired people and their previous occupations.                      

The point of interest is the change of occupations from 1911 and 2020.

Irena and I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards from Yoland

In 20 years, some of you will have left the village, children will have grown up and have children of their own, and some of us will be dead!

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