Wednesday, 28 January 2015

News travels far & wide!

You may not know that the mailing list goes out to Radio Shropshire (as well as all the rest of you) and James Bond assures me that he reads every posting.  Some of the postings are taken up by the radio such as Colin offering lifts to Baschurch for anyone not able to collect their pensions in Ruyton.

Pam Johnson, the Mailing List`s friend in Trefonen, sent a notice that the village shop was re-opening again and Radio Shropshire paid the new shop and post office a visit which was broadcast a couple of days ago.

Pam emailed:
Most interesting - the owner of the shop (rather than the new manager) appeared clutching a copy of your Ruyton book and said that her brother in Carmarthen had rung her to say the shop opening was being announced on your mailing list.  He had heard from their cousin in Baschurch who is obviously on your list.  I wonder what is the furthest your news has travelled - is Carmarthern a first?  Marie (shop owner) was telling me how interesting your book was and did I know you did a mailing list - so we had rather a circular conversation!!    Yes, the mailing list does travel a long way, this morning I heard from Colin Case that my blog (see below) has had   

67445 visitors by this morning.
There is even a visit from CHINA! Heaven knows why - and only one visit anyway.

So you see, the Mailing List really does get around the world.

Don`t forget to send me your events, lost and found, Can we help?  And anything else you would like to ask or publicise as far as Carmarthan or even China!

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