Friday, 20 April 2018

Brownhill House Garden - OPEN ON TUESDAY!


There is so much to see in Brownhill House Garden without you having to attempt all those steps.                            Friends and neighbours from the village and the locality are always particularly welcome

And it is so quiet down by the river you would never believe you are so close to the road.

All proceeds from the £4 entrance (children free) plant and garden sales goes to the National Gardens Scheme.

BROWNHILL HOUSE GARDEN, Brownhill, Ruyton XI Towns SY4 1LR

You may be interested to know,

	In our region (Wales & the Marches) Shropshire, by far, had the highest average number of visitors per garden.    	In 2017, in England and Wales, the Scheme raised £3.1m which is the amount being distributed to the charities funded by NGS.    	Of that total, Shropshire contributed over £60,000.    	Funding for Horatio's Garden Project at the spinal unit at Gobowen, will be £50,000 from NGS (I like to think that Shropshire NGS will be funding it all!)      
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