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The Battles Over - Discharged soldiers` appeal

When the war was over, those broken men returned to                                                         
"A land fit for heroes" - peopled by slaves!
"I worked hard enough in the Service, Defending the old folk at home; But to find work just now is much harder, And so I am forced thus to roam".

Many, unable to return to normal life in their communities, resorted to tramping the roads, sleeping under hedges and begging at kitchen doors.
 As a child in the early 1950s, I remember those sad men who called on my Gran`s asking for "some hot water Missus, and a bit of tea to put in it? And some sugar?   A bit of bread?  Some marg to put on it?  And some jam?
See the attached  `Unemployed Ex-serviceman's Appeal', a song sheet designed to be sold by unemployed, destitute ex-servicemen for a penny, as an alternative to openly begging on the streets. It included an appeal for work and emphasised the idea that the seller is not a 'shirker' but has long "applied, and still appl[ies] for work, both far and near".

The following postcard is another form of Ex serviceman`s Appeal.

                                                   Can you give this ex-serviceman a job?

Or help him by buying this card.  Price 2d

    The Discharged Soldiers Appeal

I did hear my country calling

In her darkest hour of strife,

And was ready then to help her,

Ready – ay – to give my life.

Caring not for home or pleasure,

Parent, wife or children small,

Thinking how best to serve her,

Answering to my country`s call.

I have served my country faithfully,

And have given of my best,

In this war for right and freedom,

Facing death – and worse, with jest.

I have seen my comrades falling,

`Midst the storm of shot and shell,

And have laughed and sung whilst standing

At the very Gates of Hell,

On the cliffs of Gallipoli,

Or the stricken fields of France,

`Neath the scorching sun of Asia,

Taking every risk and chance.

Risking limbs and life, whilst "slackers"

`Neath their precious War Badge hide.

Why should they not take their chances

In the roll of battle`s tide?

Yes, in spite of sacrifices,

 I am told that once again

Both my King and Country need me –

Shall I let them call in vain?


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