Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Ruyton Revisit facebook page

Message from John Guest, Doctor`s Meadow.

John Guest has started  a `Ruyton Revisted` facebook page and it is already doing very well, with people sending in their memories.    Colin Case has added pictures and videos of the Charter celebrations and Margaret Lycett has added videos of various times Ruyton has been on the TV.

Anyone wanting to join the Facebook page needs to search for `Ruyton Revisited` on Facebook.

In the meantime, Irena White continues to do major research on Ruyton XI Towns which she collates and files.   My information on the village is also mostly collated and filed both on computer and hard copy.  Margaret Lycett has all the school history stored and her memory is always mine of information.

Where our records will be stored for the future is an ongoing worry for us - nobody is going to dig up our computers in a 1000 years and discover our work!

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