Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Trees for Shropshire

Dear Blogger

Message from David Shearan.

There is an excellent not for profit organisation called 'Trees for Shropshire' who are doing some incredible work in Shropshire. They helped to plant more than 30,000 trees in our county in the last planting season and next time their target is a further 50,000.   They work with landowners who want to plant trees and hedges, and volunteers who want to help do it. If you are interested then please do sign up with them.  There are several planting projects planned for our area from October onwards. If you want to help with them then sign up as a volunteer. People who does this really enjoy the experience and of course you are contributing to the overall aim to help tackle the climate emergency.    https://treesforshropshire.org.uk/    Best wishes     David