Thursday, 4 June 2015

Packwood Haugh School

I was told that Packwood were running a Sporting Experience Day at the school on 31st May but unfortunately this had only been seen on twitter the day before.  So I contacted the Headmaster to ask if children from the village would have been able to take part:

On 1st June Clive Smith-Langridge wrote
Will do, we run an experience day for local children every term.  We often get a good number from the village school.  The next one will be in October, more details to follow.

Super, so I asked if there were ever any opportunities for villagers to attend such events as concerts or other entertainments.

I was delighted with the reply from Clive Smith-Langridge:

I think in the future we can invite people to some of our plays – they take place in March and May, so we'll make sure we do this next year.

We hold joint service in the church at least once/term and the congregation are invited up to school afterwards for refreshments.

It is a long time since Packwood and the Charter Committee worked together to bring the choir from Ruyton School, Melbourne to our village in 2007.

Many thanks Headmaster,



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