Sunday, 21 June 2015

Plants for rehoming!

Message from Avril, Brownhill.

Our garden was one of the garden trail gardens but now looks like a war zone whilst we start the construction of a living wall.  We told many of the visitors to the garden that there would be plants needing re-homing and most people have collected them.  However, Jenny B put her name on a few and didn't leave her contact details so unless this missive finds her they will have to go elsewhere!  Many of the people who took plants also made a donation to the church funds that the garden trail was raising funds for.


There are still a few plants left so if anyone wants a fern or a rockery plant, please turn up today or Tuesday (not Monday) at Rock House Brownhill Ruyton XI Towns SY4 1LR and maybe make a donation to the church.





Currently it looks like a war zone!


Here's what we hope it'll look like!:



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