Thursday, 17 November 2016

REMINDER Meeting about Ruyton Roads

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Road Safety & Traffic in our Village
Presented by Ben Hamilton-Baillie

Venue: Ruyton XI Towns Village Hall

 Saturday 19th November 2016
At 3.00pm

The impact of HGV and speeding traffic on our village has been identified by the Parish Council as one of the chief concerns of the local community.

Ben Hamilton-Baillie is one of the UK's leading practitioners exploring ways to help parish and town councils work with their highway authorities to improve village centres and rural roads...making them safer.  This presentation is aimed at improving road safety in Ruyton and will help you understand the important factors influencing driver speeds and awareness, and outlines measures that can establish safer and more civilised use of public space.

Drawing on recent examples from across the UK and elsewhere, Ben will illustrate the key principles essential for coping with traffic in our rural villages.

It is important that there is local input; as such schemes are expensive and will reshape the village you know. The Parish Council needs your input to ensure:
We get it right!
You want us to do this!
Your prepared for the cost!

Everyone is welcome to attend; there is no admission charge.
For  more details contact one of your local councillors or the Clerk; Sue Hackett
T 01743 719012

Your parish councillors contact details can be found on the Ruyton XI Towns PC Website

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