Saturday, 17 November 2012

Talbot Inn planning application

The Talbot Inn has put in a planning application and as usual, rumours abound.  So it seemed a good idea to get a full explanation from Colin Case, Chairman of our Parish Council.

"The proposal is to build 3 small homes - one rented and two for sale.

The whole thing is COMPLETELY on the grass - the car park stays the same size and gets resurfaced etc. Because the houses are small, they get allocated 1.6 cars* each - making 5 in total. But this car-parking is on the grass as well.

Owners of the Talbot already have permission to turn the barn into a separate fairly large house (Parish Council argued that it should be B&B rather than separate).

Part of the new application is to amend this permission to make it Holiday Accommodation attached to the pub, reducing the car parking requirement from two (as current permission) to one as holiday house. The argument is that this development makes the pub more sustainable, not less. In any case, I have applied for the pub to be "listed" so that it is covered by the Community Right to Bid Legislation - and other properties like the shop & Post Office etc. This is new legislation.

On the subject of extra cars using the entrance, we were all very grateful when the pub allowed mums to park there when dropping and collecting children - and this was LOADS more extra cars. This can continue, because the hours are different to the pub hours.

The Parish Council are due to consider the application for three homes this Monday, 19th November".

Colin Case
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*What is .6 of a car?
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