Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pradoe Church

Message from Sally Pearce.

Pradoe Church News
We have two special services at Pradoe Church in March. On Friday March 7th we are hosting the Women’s World Day of Prayer. Everyone is welcome to
attend – men, women and children – and we will be serving tea and biscuits in church afterwards. This year the service has been written by Christian women in
Egypt. Egypt has a very ancient Christian tradition although now the majority of Egyptian people are Muslim. We look forward to welcoming visitors from
Ruyton‐XI‐Towns and Baschurch as well as our own local folk.
The other special service is Mothering Sunday on March 30th. Again, this service isn’t just for mothers! Mothering Sunday comes half‐way through Lent, and
another name for it was “Refreshment Sunday” when people relaxed a bit from their Lenten fast. On that Sunday young people who were apprenticed or in
service were allowed leave to go back to their home town and “mother church” where they had been baptised as babies. At Pradoe we give out posies at this
service and there are always plenty for everyone if the men would like one too!
Services in March at Pradoe
Sunday March 2nd 10.30 am Family Service
Friday March 7th 2.15 pm Women’s World Day of Prayer Service
Sunday March 9th 10.30 am Holy Communion
Sunday March 16th 10.30 am Family Service
Sunday March 30th 10.30 am Mothering Sunday Service
kind regards,
Sally Pearce
Foden Property
01952 822 892

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