Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Ironworks Knife Angel goes to Liverpool for Christmas

Message from the British Ironworks Centre.

The Angel Has Officially Landed
Liverpool Hosts the Ironwork's Knife Angel for Christmas

The Knife Angel has officially landed on Liverpool soil, where it will stand proudly less than a metre away from the Anglican Cathedral over the holiday season. Originally only planning to have the sculpture for one month over December, Liverpool will now be hosting the Knife Angel for an additional month until the 31st of January.

 Standing at over 27ft tall, this incredible piece of metalwork took over 5 years to create from planning to completion with hundreds of thousands of blades donated from police stations and families affected by knife crime all across the UK. It is an incredible testament of hope and peace, where its conception was designed to deliver a very clear message of anti-violence and crime intolerance. It is now recognised as the National Monument against Violence and Aggression, and has even been nominated for memorial listed status by Historic England.






 With knife crime increasing each year, we can only hope this explosion of newfound reception will raise a few questions for London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, to answer. How many more lives must we lose before our nation's efforts are recognised?

We would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone involved in starting The Knife Angel's journey across the UK. To Everton Football Club for all their hard work getting it to Liverpool, a true testament to what a football club can achieve. To the Liverpool Royal Hospital for all of their incredible work to protect our nation from these horrific acts of violence. To all of you for your constant support in ending knife crime forever. And finally, to Liverpool for believing in us and what the Knife Angel truly stands for.

The angel represents more than just a symbol against the blight of knife violence in the UK – it is a homage to all those lost and a truly remarkable representation of all the good that can be achieved as a unified nation working together.


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