Sunday, 2 December 2018

TV phishing scam

Message from Heather Griffiths, Brownhill.

I have just opened an email purporting to be from TV Licensing, it informed me something had gone wrong with my direct debit and warned that if I didn't set up a new direct debit they would cut off my TV and send the debt collector round - they then provided a link for me to set up the new direct debit.

Having checked my bank I see that my DD for TV Licence is functioning normally.  Needless to say I didn't click on the link or accept their kind invitation to share my bank details. 

I think it may be prudent for a warning to go out on your mailing just in case anyone else receives one of these quite aggressive emails.

There is information about this and other Phishing scams on the TV licensing website where they give the sender addresses that they use so you can recognise the fake senders. 

If anyone has fallen prey to these scammers give the contact details for the Action Fraud helpline and advise contacting your bank immediately.


We have received a couple of very dodgy emails today - do you really think Barclaycard would send a genuine message from an email like this?

Do check the email address of any email you think might be a scam.

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