Monday, 4 January 2021

A brain teaser for the new year

Dear Blogger

Something to occupy your brian at the beginning of another flipping lockdown.  No prizes, but I will send the answers later this week. You can cheat or look up answers on the internet - involve the whole family and everyone can learn something new.

General Knowledge

 1. What is Big Ben?

 2. The Giant Panda is only found where?

 3. Quercus robur is also known as what textbook native UK tree?

 4. What specific feature links the planet Mercury and our own moon?

 5. What airline founded in October 1919 still operates under its original name?

     British Airways; Lufthansa; or KLM?

 6. Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?

 7. What beverage was advertised as 'Made in Scotland from girders'

 8. Seat belts were finally made mandatory for UK drivers and front seat passengers in:

     1967:   1983 :  1991

 9. Which small mainly carnivorous mammal is largely immune to snake venom?

10. What salvaged ship's bell is sounded at Lloyds of London on ceremonial occasions?

The Arts

 1. What was the 16th Century Cretan painter of the Spanish Renaissance more commonly  called?

 2. What famous incomplete ancient sculpture, now displayed in the Louvre in Paris, is thought to represent a goddess?

 3. What was Andy Warhol's real name?

 4. A Victorian painting was later used as an advertisement for soap. What was it called and who painted it?

 5. What surrealist artist was revered by King Juan Carlos of Spain?

 6. Which Bavarian opera house stages an annual festival devoted to the work of Richard Wagner?

 7. Which controversial and innovative male ballet dancer joined the Ballets Russes in 1909?

 8. Which Italian opera by Puccini ends when, famously, all the main characters are dead?

 9. Which composer, born in Lowestoft, is associated with the Aldeburgh Festival?

10. Which British conductor was nicknamed 'Flash Harry?'


 1. Which is the most northerly island capital in Scotland - Lerwick or Stornaway?

 2. What is the most southerly point of England?

 3. Where would you find Strangford Lough?

 4. The Old Harry Rocks in Dorset were originally connected to where?

 5. In which country is Machu Pichu?

 6. Which river cuts through the Grand Canyon?

 7. Which is in the southern hemisphere - the Arctic or the Antarctic?

 8. What is the largest lake in Africa?

 9. Where is the Taj Mahal?

10. What is the capital of Romania?


1. Which UK monarch followed King George 1V?

2. I demonstrated that although a King I could not control the sea and tides. Who am I?

3. During my short reign (1199-1216) I lost the Duchy of Normandy and my revolting barons made me agree to a document removing many of my powers at Runnymede. Who am I and what was the document?

4. I am a Stuart monarch. I had a close friendship with the Duchess of Marlborough and I died in 1707. Who am I?

5. I was born in 1799 of minor Italian nobility, made a general by the age of 24 and ruled most of Europe. However, my invasion of Russia went badly. I was finally exiled to a wretched island in the South Atlantic. Who am I?

6. The great seaboard invasion of England of 130 ships led by the Duke of Medina Sidonia in 1588 was better known as The  —  —

7. On 28th June 1914 Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb, did what that led to what?

8. Two British aviators did what in a Vickers Vimy in June 1919?

9. In the 1930s I was the largest and fastest ship afloat and regarded by many as the most beautiful. I was seized by the US authorities in 1942 and renamed the USS Lafayette. A fire broke out while I was being converted into a troop ship which finished my career. By what name am I better known?

10. In what year did man land on the moon? And which Apollo mission number was it? 

Classic Cars

1. Which German makes formed the Auto Union in 1932?

2. What company marketed Alpine, Imp and Sprite models?

3. Complete the names of the following car marque founders:

    WO — Bentley;  A— Squire;   G— Voisin;   G— Daimler

4. Which Cornish engineer and rally driver was responsible for introducing the 1930s Triumph Southern Cross, Gloria, Vitesse and Dolomite models?

5. Which car make was advertised as "Having its name up in Lights"?

6. Which company marketed postwar models named Hurricane, Typhoon and Whitley?

7. Which company marketed Fuego, Modus and Vel Satis models?

8. Complete the names of these pre-war racing drivers:

   R— Caracciola ;     B—Cotton;   T— Nuvolari;   R— Mays;  A—  Varzi

9. I am a Pininfarina-designed Rolls-Royce launched in 1975 and I was the most expensive production car in the world. I have two door distinctive lines and just 531 examples were ever built. What model am I?

10. UK Coachbuilders usually built car body frames from which wood?