Saturday, 2 January 2021

Exciting new takeaway food from Hoke-Poke

Dear Blogger

Message from Hazel Yates, Shotatton.

Some of your readers may remember George McCay (a chef who worked with Charlotte and Gavin at The Talbot a while ago) and might find this useful?

George has developed Hoké Poké a new healthy food delivery business out of Shrewsbury -

They describe themselves as:

"A vibrant, healthy food delivery service based in the heart of Shrewsbury. Bringing the bright colours and flavours of Pacific foods right to your table! Using local suppliers, we are supporting our community from start to finish."

They can be found on the Shrewsbury Eats food delivery app.

The Shrewsbury Eats app is certainly available from the Apple App store where you can download it to your iPhone. Then you can browse the Hoké Poké menu and place your order!

Surely Shrewsbury Eats will not deliver all the way out here? 

Well George has remembered from his time in Ruyton that food delivery out here from is a problem and he has sought assurances from Shrewsbury Eats that they will deliver to destinations within a 10 mile radius of Shrewsbury! Result!

For further information, both Hoké Poké and Shrewsbury Eats can be found on Facebook and Hoké Poké have their new website


I hope that is use to someone hungry out there . .