Thursday, 2 April 2020

11. Fabulous Fruit lesson from the Growbags

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 11. Fabulous Fruit

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So we've got our salad crops on the go and plans in place for that warming winter veg, all we need now is some home-grown fruit for delicious summer puds, jams and jellies, with some left over to stock up the freezer. There's such a range of varieties now to suit any size of garden, terrace or even balcony but which are the best to grow and how should you go about it?

You've got Laura again today, I clearly passed muster on the winter veg front so Elaine has let me loose on summer fruits. It's a huge topic so let's cut to the chase...

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 We know a lot of 'produce plants' are selling out fast. We're on fruit today and this is where Perthshire in Scotland is good. Wherever else you can still find fruit plants for sale James Macintyre & Sons in Perthshire definitely still has a good selection to order online (you'll have to 'root around' the later varieties in the raspberry section). We're just passing it on!