Tuesday, 28 April 2020

There is always a silver lining

Brownhill House Garden, China Bank w. sculpture & Rhody

Dear Blogger

After weeks and weeks of beautiful weather, it has poured with rain all day,

The silver lining is that we should be opening our garden today for the National Gardens Scheme!

Thanks to the Mailing List and all of you out there who bought plants from Brownhill House, we have made £1,000.50p for the NGS.

That is £250 more than we made last year opening for three days! 

Thank you all so much.  We are now restocking our nursery with herbs, vegetable and bedding plants.  More information soon.

Roger and I really hope that when we are able to open the garden again, we will have the support of those of you who have bought plants and others on the Mailing List - even if you have to wait until next year!