Friday, 3 April 2020

WE ARE ALL tomorrow`s history - You and corona virus

Dear Blogger

Many thanks to those of you who have returned your details for the 1911 Ruyton People 2020 project.

Think about this:-

These are very strange times in all our lives, something that has never happened before or, hopefully, will again - unless it is in a science fiction story.  Perhaps we will be telling future generations about our experiences during the coronavirus emergency as others told us about living on the Home Front and the celebrations of VE day.


Do consider writing what it has been like for you, write a poem, a story, a diary, or your thoughts on how you think the Coronavirus will change our lives in the future.

This project is something to set the children on, their thoughts will be particularly poignant in 50 year`s time.

Surely we must all have already been affected, for some, perhaps more cooking and eating round the table, more time to discuss the situation, time to do decorating or gardening, playing board games, taking up running - having furious rows with other members of the family or finding time to  do things together.   What have you missed?  What are you looking forward to when it is all over? Have you got to know your neighbours?  Have you taken up a new hobby?    Has it made you thing outside the box about your lives, contributing to the community, thinking about our lives in 2020.

Paintings, drawings and photographs would add tremendously to the recorded history.

Written pieces like this would make a fantastic addition to our 1911 Ruyton People 2020 research and I think we can appreciate that we are living through an event which will be history to future generations.

Please send me your thoughts or contributions or, if you prefer, just a title of your poem, story or memoir of this time.  We can work on details later.