Friday, 1 May 2020

Classics for Carers - bring out your special car

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Donnington race track Historic Festival have come up with a novel idea to raise funds and for those of us with `special` cars to show them off in our driveways. I don`t actually know of anyone in the village with a Classic Car but perhaps this is a way of finding out.

However, I do know there are some `Go Faster` car owners and they are as proud of their vehicles as we are of ours of another age so lets be seeing you in your drive, and don`t forget to display the story of your car and how you havce improved it.

Put all that tinkering and polishing to a good cause and let your interesting/classic do its bit!

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times. Obviously the DHF team would normally have been flat-out in the lead-up to the 2020 Donington Historic Festival on 1st, 2nd, 3rd May but, as we announced some weeks ago, for obvious reasons the event cannot take place when originally planned.

However, if you had been fettling your special vehicle, or are using your time in lockdown to tinker with and polish your beloved motor, you can still bring it out of the garage and show it off on 3rd May...  

One fantastic thing that has emerged from the COVID-19 crisis is the strength of support for the NHS, and the sense of community this has created across the nation. The new initiative - Classics for Carers - aims to harness the goodwill and enthusiasm of classic car and bike owners across Britain to raise funds for NHS Charities Together - the membership organisation representing, supporting and championing National Health Service charities across the UK.

It hopes to provide some light relief in lock-down on Sunday 3rd May - which would have been the final day of Donnington Historic Festival 2020 - with owners of their motoring machinery invited to stage a national static event at home, sharing their passion for motion either online or on the driveway, for the enjoyment of local communities while out on their permitted daily exercise (following social distancing requirements of course).

How can you and your classic help?

The first weekend in May is an opportunity to throw open the garage doors, pull off the covers and join like-minded enthusiasts in supporting the incredible NHS heroes working selflessly in exceptional circumstances.

To take part with your car or bike, all you need to do is wheel your classic out into the garden on 3rd May and snap photos or video and share on social media, using the hashtag #classicsforcarers. You might choose to display it on your driveway so that passers-by can enjoy seeing your cherished vehicle - if you don't have social media, that's a great way of joining in. And if your car or bike isn't ready yet to emerge blinking into the sunlight, you could photograph it in situ in the garage - covers off, of course!

You can donate in one of two ways:  

Through the event's Just Giving page:

You can spread the word:

We do hope you choose to take part - it would be great to see the UK's classic motoring movement do its bit!