Friday, 1 May 2020

Every flower counts - no mow in May & July

It`s raining, it`s pouring.........etc. and the weeds are growing like stink but here is something different to think about in the garden.

Which Gardening magazine has an article on NOT mowing the lawn -


The idea being to encourage wild flowers to pop up and support polinating bees and other insects - which is what you want for your veg plants.

Obviously this will be an anethema to the regular lawn mower but lock the shed door and count the flowers in your lawn at the end of the month.   To appease the cutter of grass, you could keep to the shorter no cut times - 23-31 May and again 11 - 19 July.

In short grass you might find Selfheal, White Clover, Birds Foot Trefoil, Daisies and dandelions.

In longer grass you could find Ox-ey daisy, Field scabious, Knapweed, Meadow buttercup and Common Vetch.

If this is just too much for the regular lawn mower, why not leave a corner of grass to `go wild`, if you were really lucky, an orchid or two might appear.

To take part in the Which `Every Flower Counts` research go to