Friday, 22 May 2020

PLANTS FOR SALE - Tomatoes, Pelagoniums, ivies & more

Dear Blogger

Thank you for buying plants from Brownhill House which helps the National Gardens Scheme to raise funds for several nursing charities.

We now have

Tomato plants `Alicante` & `Gardener`s Delight` in 9K pots.        £2,50

Fancy Pelagoniums, all with attractive variegated foliage, large plants in flower 2L pots   £4

And now that the risk of frost is over we would like to bring you attention to the striking succulents which deserve a special place in your garden.

Aeonium `Schwarzkopf` Large plants, This near black stately plant will really impress.    £4.00

Echeveria `Peacockii` The striking orange flowers contrast beautifully above the pale pinky grey leaf rosettes.  £3.00

See attached pictures of the last two items.  

Bedding plants will be ready next week