Monday, 18 May 2020

PLANTS FOR SALE - Fruit, pond, and ivies

Brownhill House Garden - Viburnum Lanarth in front, Cercis siliqastrum behind

Dear Blogger

Please find attached the lists of Shrubs and Perennials still available,

We also have some other plants available at Brownhill House for you to buy and contribute to the charities supported by the NGS

We have just 4 plants of Equisetym japonicum, an unusual stripey reed for your pond   £4

Ivies - a variety of coloured and interesting ivies - in a north facing garden with lots of walls, we grow a lot of ivies.

Fruit bushes - various fruit bushes - to get ready for next year`s jam season, plese enquire.

As before, email your order and whether you would like to pay cash or by BACs

* You can now visit the nursery BY APPOINTMENT as we need to know when we have to be at the top of the garden.