Monday, 11 May 2020

Mass Observation on 12th May

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Message from Irena White.

Here is something really important to do during the lockdown - For full details go to 

Tuesday 12th May 2020: Would you like to keep a one-day diary for Mass Observation?

may12th 4In 2020 the Mass Observation Archive will be repeating its annual call for day diaries, capturing the everyday lives of people across the UK. The written diaries will be stored in the Archive at The Keep and be used by a wide range of people for research, teaching and learning. This is the 10th Anniversary of the 12th May Diary project.

Origins of Mass Observation
This organisation was founded in 1937 by a group of people, who aimed to create an 'anthropology of ourselves'. They recruited a team of observers and a panel of volunteer writers to study the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain. This original work continued until the early 1950s.

Mass Observation is how we know so much about the day to day lives of ordinary people during the second world war.  

This is another way to be part of modern history - just like the 1911 Ruyton People 2020 research project.