Thursday, 11 June 2020

Brownhill House Plants for Sale - including brassica plants

Brownhill House Garden - Alliums & rhodi on Apple Tree bank

I forgot to say in the last email that we have brassica plants for sale - see below.

Dear Blogger

We still have plants for sale but bedding is sold out.  We also have the revised list of plants donated by Ruth Dinsdale, another NGS garden owner who is not able to open her garden - see attached revised lists.

We also have brassica availabe - Brussel Sprouts, Sprouting Broccoli, Summer and Winter Cauliflower plants.

We are planning to open Brownhill House Garden on 30th June but things will be very different from the past.  More detailed information will follow very soon.

You have bought our plants, so we hope you will come and see the garden.