Friday, 12 June 2020

Home Grown Show - Cancelled

Dear Blogger

Message from Colin Case.

With great reluctance the Trustees of the Village Hall Charity have concluded that we should not run a Home Grown Show this year.

Shows have to be planned well in advance and the uncertainty caused by the current pandemic means that we cannot be sure of either the safety or the financial viability of organising the show. We are not confident that we could arrange adequate social distancing, or even what the "rules" will be in early September. We cannot be sure that door-to-door sales of Draw Tickets would be allowed in the weeks leading up to the show, and this is a major source of the funds needed to support the show.

Our School normally makes a huge contribution of artwork etc before the end of this term, and that seems very unlikely to be practical this year.

Additionally, we have enjoyed tremendous financial support from many local businesses, and it doesn't seem fair to invite them to make generous donations again when their own viability may be at risk due to this virus.

We dare not risk making a loss - we are a Charity and of course are not receiving any income from our loyal hirers at the moment.

We hope you all understand, and we look forward to a Show next year.




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