Monday, 23 March 2020

Grow your own for a Corona Veg Club

Dear Blogger

The three growbags is a blog I look forward to every Saturday, the ladies` normal chit chat is for fairly well established gardeners, although often teaching us something new.

Since the emergency they have a started a parallel blog for complete beginners wanting to have a go at growing their own veg, from digging up part of the lawn to growing a pot of new potatoes by the front door.  This is something the whole family can do together and if you have never grown veg before, you and the children start on a level playing field.

Take a look at `Grow your own for a Corona Veg Club` and you can decide if you would like to receive regular updates - wait `til you taste what you have grown.

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WELCOME! We're so glad you've signed up to our DigYourOwnaForCorona veg club!

I want to say right at the start that this series of blogs is not for all the clever-clogs out there, who have been growing veg for years and know all the neat tricks and dazzling science of the art.

If you're new to the3Growbags I should explain....

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