Saturday, 14 March 2020

Questionnaire - RUYTON PEOPLE

To members of the Mailing List living in Ruyton, Wykey, Shotatton, Eardiston, Coton, Shelvock and The Cliffe,

Hi everyone,

You have received the 1911 Ruyton People questionnaire which was sent out on 7th March.   Several people returned the completed forms at once.  Others have dropped them into Cafe XI.

If you are finding you can`t complete the questionnaire, do check that when you open it, you don`t get the message `Protected View`, then you have to click on `Enable  Editing`.

Remember to complete a form for each of the adults in your household, including the students.

There are lots and lots more of you who said you would like to take part in the project so I look forward to hearing from you

Don`t forget, if you are on the committee of the WI, History Society, Parish Council, Cliffe Garden Club, Parochial Church Council - this is all voluntary work and should be included in the questionnaire.

If you have trouble completing or emailing the questionnaire, Cafe XI and The Talbot Inn have a supply and will collect your forms.