Thursday, 26 March 2020

How long the virus stays on surfaces

Dear Blogger

David Spicer has drawn attention to some information about how long the Corvid 19 virus lasts on different surfaces.  We have checked the source and it is a letter published in the March edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.  One has to be so careful of scams at this time.

Thanks David.

An interesting study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.(NEJM 17 March 2020).

The authors looked at the stability of  the virus  on different surfaces. A summary of the findings is:

The viability of the virus reduced over the period of testing and:

·        the virus remained viable in the air following coughing or breathing for 3 hours.


·        on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces, the virus was detected up to 72 hours.

·        on copper no viable virus was measured after 4 hours.


·        on cardboard no viable virus was measured after 24 hours.

See attached picture of the Cricket Team among the crocuses.