Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Snippets of valuable information

Dear Blogger

This is all so depressing - but I must thank the kind people who have written to say have found the recent Mailing List messages helpful, at my age there is precious little else I can do to help the community.

This link came in from Pam Johnson, Trefonen.    https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus   it certainly should be right up to date but things are changing so quickly.

Also from Pam - One suggestion is that everyone should be encouraged to keep a diary of all places they visit and a list of the people they have physical contact with on a daily basis.

If this is taken on board, it would reduce the workload of those working tirelessly with the job of Contact Tracing in the weeks ahead.

If this message was sent to all Groups, Clubs, Societies and all in turn sent this message to all their members this would make a big difference in identifying people who needed to be contacted and reduce the workload of Contact Tracing.

I hope that you will pass on this message to family and friends.

No-one can stop you writing your story, when your great grandchildren ask you "What was it like in the Covin 19 crisis"  you will have an answer.   Use this vacant time to write your story.

After the disasterous crowds flooded to the seaside, Snowdonia and Nesscliffe Hill, the government has clamped down on visiting Open Spaces.

WALKS - Trevor Allison is planning some ideas for walking in our area but I am not sure if this will be possible, we will wait and see.

FLOWERSCAPE - I am waiting to hear from Pam as to whether she will be allowed to open her shop

SPAR SHOP - they will be offering a delivery service but not sure if this will include Ruyton, I will find out and let you know.

OUR PICNIC - we are going on a run in the Birkin  today but will come home for our picnic - don`t want angry locals chasing us off their land.