Monday, 23 March 2020

So many places now closed

No, I am not dead and have not gone down with the virus but still felt a rest from it all was a good idea.

However, off we go again....

It was a beautiful weekend, the best we have had for months and sadly this meant people went mad and flooded every open space they could get to resulting in Snowdonia I believe is closed and a large lorry on the road to Bala had the message to tourists to F.. Off backj to where they came from.  Cornwall does not want visitors coming back to their holiday homes, as the county just does not have the facilities in their very few hospitals to cope.  I don`t think we have holiday homes in Ruyton, my B&B is closed and hopefully self catering and air B&B in the village.

We are going for a picnic tomorrow, it will be interesting to find out if our way is barred by big wagons across the road with rude messages on them.  I will let you know

National Trust - sadly the organisation has had to close their parks due to the hundreds of people who took advantage over the weekend.

The National Gardens Scheme has told us no open gardens for the forseeable future.  It was to be te 40th year Brownhill House had been open for the NGS so we are very disappointed.  However, we will be open BY APPOINTMENT only for plant sales from 1st April.  Please enjoy the small part of our garden which you can see from the pavement and come and see us and see the rest when this nightmare is over.  Any money we can make for all those worthy charities supported by the NGS will be good.