Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Ruyton Exercise idea - A SOLO RELAY

Dear Blogger

A great idea for some exercise and fun at a time when we need it.  See attached information.  Please email Jonty to indicate you would like to take part  SoloRelayRuytonXI@gmail.com

Message from Jonty Olufsen, Doctors Meadow.

I have been considering things we can do as a community during this lock down period to try and add some fun to the otherwise stressful and worrying times.  I have passed this by David Shearan and the Parish Council and they are happy for me to proceed.  

Initially I am just testing the waters to see who would be interested in doing this.  If we get a good response then I will take it further and organise the event.  

For now could you email the attached out to the village so we could see who is interested?  

Thank you